Convert Your Abandoning Visitors

Designed by conversion rate optimization experts, Rooster’s exclusive “exit-intent” technology is the smart, non-invasive way to convert abandoning visitors to paying customers, huge email lists, and social ambassadors.

Many of these abandoning visitors read your
content, checked out your products, and added
items to their cart.  74% of them intend to return.

But after leaving, many forget about your site. And
since you don’t have their email addresses, you have
no way to get ahold of them. Typically, only 11-29%
ever return.

That means most of your marketing spend is wasted.

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Rooster drove a 9.81% increase in order volume. Easy setup, helpful team, great results.

Rooster is the smart, non-invasive way to convert abandoning visitors.


Steven Sashen

CEO & Founder, Xero Shoes

First-Time Visitors

Focus your messaging on users who have never visited before.

Returning Visitors

Zero in on users who have visited before, but need a bit more convincing.
Target users who have filled their shopping cart, but are about to abandon.

Cart Abandoners

Rooster was designed for online marketers, SaaS companies, and ecommerce businesses

...With Advanced Targeting Capabilities

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98% of your visitors won't buy on their first visit

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"Rooster tripled my client's email sales leads by getting hundreds of signups from abandoning visitors.

Kevin McCaffrey

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How do we know that? Well, 60% read your content, 30% viewed your product pages, and 13% filled a shopping cart. So how can you get these people to buy, sign up, or come back?

By getting them to take action BEFORE they leave.

Rooster’s “exit-intent” technology was built for this exact purpose. Rooster tracks user behaviour, and at the exact moment a visitor is about to abandon, it activates targeted messaging to convince them to make a purchase or sign up.

Abandoning visitors are very strong sales leads


30-Day Free Trial



of first-time visitors
don't convert

of abandoning visitors
fill shopping carts

Nail your promotions, and turn email into an incredible profit driver

Drive sales with coupons

92% of shoppers used online coupons in 2013

91% of customers say they’ll visit a retailer again after getting a coupon

57% of consumers say they wouldn’t have purchased had they not received a coupon

63% of consumers reconsider their abandoned cart if offered a coupon

Build huge email lists

77% prefer to receive promotions through email

80% of retailers fail to send triggered emails after carts are abandoned…

70% use coupons or discounts from their email

60% say offers are why they subscribe to email lists



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